How I was Picked By a Major Artist

It all started in college, at Prairie View A&M University. When I wasn’t in class, I spent most of my time partying and pursuing my dreams of being a rapper. I would do performances on campus and at local venues, as well as sell mixtapes of popular music and some of my own music as well. I was letting everyone know that I was doing music, and would rap for anyone who would listen.

During my sophomore year, my roommate’s girlfriend told me she had a friend who also rapped, and said that we should link up, his name was Mike Jones. At the time he wasn’t yet the Platinum artist that made “Back Then” or “Still Tippin” feat. Slim Thug (another rap artist I was able to meet later in life, through my college friend, who was his Dj at the time, Mr. Rogers), so I had not heard of the name “Mike Jones”, but I agreed to give him a call. Later that night we talked and over time we became friends. I’d often visit his shows to help boost crowd interaction, and help with promotion on the campus.

Fast forward a few months, the name Mike Jones starts really buzzing around the nation when he releases the video for “Back Then”. When I first saw the video on BET I was overjoyed, because someone I knew personally, had made it!

A few weeks later I was visiting a club in Houston with some friends from school, and I heard the DJ say that Mike Jones was about to give a surprise performance on stage. Hearing this, I went to security to see if I could say hello, and when Mike saw me he allowed my to come back stage. Not only did he allow me back stage where I was able to network with other artist, he invited onstage to perform “Back Then” side by side with him. Needless to say all my friends from school were totally trippin to see me on stage, with all of his fans screaming and chatting the words to the song. It was an awesome experience that sparked my passion to succeed with my music even more.

At that time, I had stopped rapping and was just starting to make beats. But this event inspired me to dedicate myself to pushing my own music out there and to one day have a “Platinum Hit” of my own. One of the first beats I made back then, was a beat called “In My Trunk”, an uptempo Southern beat, made on my first keyboard, a Roland Fantom. I still hold this a one my favorite beats that I have made.

Download “In My Trunk”, and take a trip back with me. Also I’m giving everyone who this email was sent to, the right to use this track free of charge.*
If you liked this beat, then you might want to check out the beats in the Mo4Beats Mixtape Fire. Vol. 1. It’s filled with my latest, never sold before, high quality beats. I’m sure Mike Jones himself would be proud of the work that I put into creating these instrumentals.
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  1. Joshua Nehus 9 months ago

    I would really like to link up with you for a complete mixtape to promote you and your beats