Frequently Asked Question’s

Q: Where can I buy beats?

A: Here at

Q: Why should I buy from Mo4Beats?

A: When you buy a beat from you’re getting:

  • Lower Prices on Non Exclusive and Exclusive Beats, with licenses for all budget type
  • Easy and Secure Checkout
  • Studio Quality beats in mp3 format
  • Tracks that have been mixed and mastered using professional equipment, to achieve that “Radio Ready” sound. (Our music has been tested on various sound equipment and players, to ensure quality)
  • Instant Access to download your beat after purchase. Plus an emailed link to the purchased beat will also be sent to you, so you can have access to it from another computer later.
  • Beats free of “voice tags” from the beginning, so artist can develop an early feel from the beat they wish to purchase.
  • Original beats / instrumentals with a unique style. (Having a unique sound and style often is what sets artist apart from the rest)

Q: What is the difference between Non Exclusive and Exclusive Beats?

A: “Non Exclusive Beats” are beats leased to artists to use commercially and gain exposure, but the artist/buyer does not own the beat. These beats can be resold to other artists by at any time without notification.

“Exclusive Beats” gives an artist ownership of the beat,┬áthe right to use the music commercially, and also guarantees that the Beat is not resold to anyone else. These beats are higher in price but allow for more freedom in terms of sales and marketing.

Q: Which should I buy? Non Exclusive or Exclusive Beats?

A: When deciding to buy a beat for a project, look at your budget, past sells, and experience. If you are on limited budget, less than 500 past sells, or you are fairly new to the business, I would recommend “Non Exclusive Beats”.

On the other hand if you have a strong fan base, plan on having more than 1,000 commercial sells/ radio spins, or if you just have a very strong confidence in what you are doing, I highly would recommend an “Exclusive Beat”.

Q: If I want to buy the Excusive rights for a Non Exclusive Beat, can it be done?

A: Yes, you would just need to pay the difference. Also if you purchase a Non Exclusive Beat and later decide you want the Exclusive rights, if the Exclusive rights for that beat have not been sold, you may buy it.

If the Exclusive price is not listed, please go to the Price Quote section, type in “Bid on Non Exclusive Beat” in the block “What type of Service…”. In addition to this you will need to place your Bid amount in the field “How much is your budget”

Q: How do a know if a beat is available for sale as an Exclusive Beat?

A: Once a beat is sold as an Exclusive, the “Price” listing will say “sold out”, and users / guest cannot add the item to cart. If a beat has a price on it, or has “Contact us for a price”, that beat is available to purchase as an Exclusive beat.

Q: How do I receive my beat after payment, and is payment safe?

A: You’ll automatically be redirected to a download page after payment has been made. Also an emailed link will be sent to you for you to download the beat later within 72 hours from purchase. Payment is recieved using “Paypal”, which is secure, trusted, and well established.

If you’re looking for a fast and secure way to purchase instrumentals, Mo4beats is where to buy beats from.