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How to Buy Beats Here:

1. Select and preview our music using our Mo4Beats Player.

2. Click the “+” button on the instrumental(s) you wish to purchase.

3. Choose / click the type of lease option you want to purchase.

4. Confirm the total at the top of the music player. If there is more than one player on the page, totals will be shown in the top / 1st music player.

5. When you have added all of your desired products to cart, click the “Buy Now” button, at the top of the player.

6. You will then be taken to our secure checkout page.

7. Double check your final total. If you you need to remove items, click the red “x” on the left of the product you wish to remove (On the Checkout page)

8. Enter your payment information (All of your information is secure and confidential).

9. After purchase, your beat(s) will be instantly sent to the email you registered with during checkout.

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Thanks for visiting our website. While browsing , you will find a large variety of beats ranging from Hip Hop Music, Dance, and even R&B.

We have tried to organize our site to make it quick and easy for you to find exactly what you are looking for.


On our Homepage (this page), is our full Library of Instrumentals and hip hop beats for sale. If you are looking for a specific type of beat, we have our music broken down into 2 main categories, Hip Hop & Dance and R&B music.

In addition to professional sounding tracks, we also provide services to help you gain exposure and really get your music heard.


We hope you enjoy your visit, and “Thanks” again for choosing Mo4Beats.


History of the Mo4Beats Website

The first /original website created, came out of necessity, as a way of having a place where I could offer a catalog of hip hop beats for sale to those artist who were interested in purchasing instrumentals. It was basic and simple, but it worked for me and several of my customers for over a year. In the end, it was the lack of being able to organize my music on the site that me to look toward redesigning the website.


The first redesign for the Mo4Beats Online Music Store was a major change from its initial design and achieved a more professional look. I wanted to concentrate more on being able to keep the customers who visited the site up to date with the latest News pertaining to sales, new music, and site changes. I added a hip “News” scroller to the top of the site that had a welcome message and would let you know if there were any sales currently going on.

With the new design I was also able to categorize my instrumentals by tempo, beats with hooks, and various genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, and Inspirational music. I now also had the capability to organize the tracks I produced by price as well, from those sold at cheap prices, to the more expensive ones. Another new category was the Exclusive lease section, where artist could quickly find and buy music that was available with exclusive rights.

Mo4beats has always always specialized in providing various hip hop beats for sale for artist who are looking for a wide range of selection of music. By categorizing my music it provided customers a good way to browse through my catalog, and find exactly what they were searching for.


The 2nd redesign was really a touch up, and an attempt to make the site function better for mobile users. As the years past more and more users began to come to the Mo4Beats website using their smartphones. As this this trend increased I upgraded the the music player to work on most mobile devices, and the music was placed inside it’s own scrollable section so that customers wouldn’t have to go through pages and pages, just to find a certain beat.

I also decided to change the background to white in order to make the text and images more visible. In addition to these changes the text sizes were increased to make reading the information on the pages easier.


The current redesign you see today picked up where the other designs left off, but it’s core functions and purpose have remained the same. This new design was created in order to make the site more mobile friendly, provide a cleaner / professional background (to make text easier to read), have a music player that can take customers from start to finish when buying beats, and is empty of useless distractions.

Whether you’re on your phone, laptop, or desktop, I hope you benefit from the recent changes, and have wonderful experience here.

We are not just another place that has hip hop beats for sale, we are here to help and promote artist, so they are successful within the music industry.

Thanks for visiting Mo4Beats!



Love the website! Very urban. Beats are always on point!!

October 30th, 2015


Dope beats! Hip Hop at it’s finest.. Keep em coming!

November 20th, 2015

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